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Anatomy of an Election Steal — How Left-Wing Activists are Manipulating the Vote


The election is less than two weeks away, and the same political establishment who alleged that the Russians jeopardized the vote in 2016 due to a handful of social media posts are ensuring the public that nothing could possibly go wrong with the election this time around.

However, due to either incompetence or malevolence, there have been a significant amount of abnormalities that have been documented in Michigan and across the country pertaining to this election cycle. The Michigan Sentry is shining light on some of these problems so they can hopefully be recognized and rectified in order to protect democracy.


Amidst the frequent assurances that the vote will be legitimate this year, monolithic Big Tech entities have censored any chatter that mail-in voting could result in fraud. Twitter has framed President Trump’s warning of the potential hazards of mail-in voting as a voter suppression attempt. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has ensured that he will manipulate his platform so that all contentions of voter fraud, whether valid or not, are muted.

There will be millions of mail-in ballots being processed for the election, and instances of proven fraud are already being called conspiracy theories by the political establishment. There have been several recent instances in which concerns about mail-in voting have been proven justified, such as the four Democrats charged with electoral fraud in New Jersey and the 100,000 mail-in ballots being rejected in California. There are also the many reported instances of U.S. Postal Workers, whose union has endorsed Joe Biden for President, allegedly disposing of ballots in an illegal manner.

There has already been at least one documented instance of voter fraud that has occurred in Michigan during this electoral cycle. Poll watcher Bob Cushman watched voter fraud take place during this year’s primary election, and he was shocked about the lack of accountability in the aftermath. Cushman stuck around until 5:30 am to ensure the integrity of the absentee ballot process, long after most observers had already left. He is blowing the whistle about what he saw in Detroit last month while observing the absent voter counting board.

Cushman noted that several counting tables “had opened ballots with no poll book.” The poll book, Cushman explained, must be there to verify if “that name is someone that’s a qualified, real voter.” He also “noticed pages being inserted into several poll books.” These violations could have impacted thousands of ballots. With the unprecedented flood of absentee ballots expected during the general election, it will open the door for this sort of fraud on a grand scale.

“This is just my estimate,” Cushman said during an appearance on The Kyle Olson Show, “but I would guess there were 10,000 to 20,000 after 2:00 a.m. — could have been more.”

The Detroit News reported that 72 percent of absentee voting precincts in Detroit did not match the total of ballots that were cast. Additionally, 46 percent of Detroit precincts were incongruent as ballots tallied in precinct poll books did not match the total of ballots counted. With President Trump only carrying the state by a 10,704-vote margin in 2016, these abnormalities could easily flip the state in the election, and, with the race expected to be narrow, alter the fate of the nation inextricably.

Making matters worse, Cushman says that there has been virtually no concern from government officials over his findings, and the Democrat administration in charge of the state is content to look the other way. He believes that these vulnerabilities will only intensify during the general election.

“It’s very hard to change the result of an election after the fact,” Cushman stated.

“But perhaps if we put enough light on this subject, that there will be enough heat to get it done correctly,” he added.


A lawsuit filed by the Michigan Alliance for Retiring Americans, which is an AFL-CIO lobbying group that pushes Democrat Party propaganda, initially won a lawsuit drastically expanding the scope of absentee and mail-in voting. With COVID-19 used as the excuse, a judge ruled that Michigan had to accept any ballots postmarked up to election day that were received by the state up to 14 days after the election.

Under this regime, it would not be particularly difficult for activists to determine which areas have had low turnout where ballots can be harvested after the election. Because of the laws that are currently on the books, a ballot box containing an improper number of ballots cannot be recounted, severely hampering any chance of irregularities being corrected after the fact. (It is worth noting that the Detroit News article on this topic has since been scrubbed from the internet.)

However, the Court of Appeals recently overruled the decision that would have compelled the acceptance of ballots for up to two weeks after the election. Judges Thomas Cameron, Mark Boonstra and Michael Gadola ruled in a 3-0 opinion that the Court of Claims “abused its discretion” with their decision. Considering the judge’s political leanings, it is no surprise why she ruled in such an incomprehensible manner.

The Judge who initially approved the idea of ballots being accepted following the election is Judge Cynthia Stevens, a Democrat appointee who affirmed Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s absolute authority to lock the state down indefinitely back in May.

“Plaintiffs presented affidavit evidence that many voters were in fact deprived of having their absent voter ballot tallied in the August primary,” wrote Stephens, noting more than 6,400 valid ballots were rejected because they had been received after the Aug. 4 primary.

Stevens essentially argued that since thousands of voters could not follow simple ballot instructions, the flood gates must be opened for widespread fraud in order to appease the lowest common denominator. Even though it was a Democrat front group that filed the lawsuit and a Democrat judge who affirmed it in court, the activists leading the Whitmer administration are feigning as if they are merely impartial arbiters of the public good.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said the since-overturned ruling recognized “many of the unique challenges that the pandemic has created for all citizens and will reduce the potential for voter disenfranchisement due to mail delays.”

“No eligible voter should be disenfranchised through no fault of their own for exercising their right to vote by mail,” Benson added.

The judges on the Court of Appeals made remarks expressing their palpable contempt with this Democrat scheme to manipulate the upcoming election.

“To be sure, the pandemic has caused considerable change in our lives, but election officials have taken considerable steps to alleviate the potential effects by making no-reason absent voting easier for the 2020 election,” Cameron stated in the ruling.

Boonstra was even more harsh in a separate opinion, saying that “policy-making under the guise of judicial decision making is simply tyranny by another name.” He added that “inefficiencies” in the separate branches of power in the state “are there by design,” and a “price we willingly pay so that we may live under the banner of freedom in the United States of America.”

The judiciary is meant to “decide actual controversies,” not to “be hijacked to achieve political ends outside of the legislative process,” Boonstra said of the grotesque overreach by the Democrat’s activist judges. Even in a pandemic, he wrote, judges do not gain the authority “to rewrite statutes.”

The Michigan Alliance for Retired Americans may be able to contest the suit all the way up to the Supreme Court. Benson and Nessel have not ruled out an appeal of the ruling as well. A recent precedent upholding ballots being accepted after election day in Pennsylvania does not bode well for the integrity of Michigan’s process.


Despite the frightening level of electoral chicanery that is occurring across the state, there are Republicans in Lansing and at the grassroots level who are fighting back against the likely vote steal.

Rep. Ann Bollin (R-Brighton) is working through the legislature to ensure electoral security. She worked as a county clerk in Livingston County for nearly two decades and has brought her experience to the state legislature. She helped to push a key reform, Senate Bill 757, that was overwhelmingly approved by both legislative chambers and signed into law last week.

The new law allows individual precincts to be set up with absent voter counting boards. Two members of both major parties must be present at all times for the new process to be lawful. Poll challengers can be present as well. These boards can begin preparations a day before the election in order to streamline the process.

Under the new law, the pre-processing of ballots will begin on the Monday before the election from 10am to 8pm. This calls for only opening the outer envelope of the absent voter ballot, pulling it out while maintaining the secrecy of the ballot until election day. This will alleviate the strain from the windfall of absentee ballots that will need to be processed on election day.

Generally speaking, this will require more important and long overdue chain-of-custody recording of the ballots. This will include a count of an early-processed ballot, making sure they are not tabulated on the day before the election. They will have to be securely locked and sealed in order to be compliant with the law.

The absent voter counting board will count those ballots on election day after verifying the seal and then the processing will begin from there. The new law also calls for shift workers in an absent voter counting board. Different shifts will now be allowed so that poll workers are not incredibly exhausted and can remain more alert to supervise a process that could prove to be confusing and challenging.

Despite this reform pushed by Rep. Bollin and other efforts to ensure electoral integrity, it remains an uphill battle due to the many institutional barriers that have been put into place by Democrat operatives.

“We are becoming more and more convinced that outside forces are working to influence. They will do anything to ensure that Donald Trump is removed from the White House,” Rep. Bollin said during a Zoom call with Republican activists.

“Our elections are being hijacked and we need to make sure that we do everything we possibly can… We need a lot of foot soldiers working the polls,” she added.

Rep. Bollin believes that individuals should sign up to be electoral challengers and poll workers in order to stop the steal. Michigan Republican grassroots vice chair Marian Sheridan is leading the effort to guard the vote. She is encouraging people to email her at GuardtheVote@gmail.com if they would like to get involved with the effort. Still, she is concerned that state employees are not complying with the law.

“It seems that they’re not putting any effort into balancing Republicans and Democrats. They really should be looking at applications and having a fair ratio of Republicans to Democrats. We have been putting applications out there for the past six weeks, and most of our applicants are being declined,” Sheridan stated.

Sheridan is concerned that state officials are not comply with MCL 168.674, a statute which states that “the board of election commissioners shall appoint at least 1 election inspector from each major political party and shall appoint an equal number, as nearly as possible, of election inspectors in each election precinct from each major political party.” Detroit city officials seem to be particularly brazen in flouting this requirement.

One whistleblowing poll worker who attempted to be trained earlier this month told their horror story to the Sentry. The whistleblower showed up on their scheduled date, only to receive a major curve ball from Detroit election workers. One instructor reportedly told attendees that 2800 people applied for poll worker jobs at TCF Center, a major absentee ballot processing facility in Detroit, with only roughly half that number being accepted as workers.

Another authority figure then took the microphone to explain the astronomical number of absentee ballots they expect to process and how poll workers need to be dedicated in order to handle such a massive workload. The next person who addressed the approximately 100 potential poll workers explained that there would be no training taking place on this day, and that attendees would need to commit to working for two days for payment of $600 per day that would be “tax free.”

The Detroit election worker explained that since they have too many people signed up to work, they wanted this and two other groups to line up the following week at 9 am to be trained. The trainer said that they would open the doors at 9 am and the first people in line would be chosen to work.

The women seated behind the whistleblower started to whisper at this point about how they were going to get in line at 3 am in order to make $1,200 working at the polls. One of the potential poll workers raised their hand and asked how early they had to be there, and the authority figure addressing the potential poll workers said in response, “You’re going to get here early, like we all did to vote for Obama!”

The instructor told the prospective poll workers that if they made the cut to wait in line next week, they would call them on Saturday. The whistleblower never got “the call,” and was likely disenfranchised as a result. The whistleblower is concerned that there is no way Detroit election workers can choose an even number of Republicans and Democrats after turning what is required under law to be a selective process into a completely random “first come, first serve” process. 

The city of Detroit is required to provide a list of all poll workers to the Wayne County Republican Party chairman. While that information has not been provided in the past, there has been an additional focus on getting receiving it before this election. Sheridan hopes to receive it within the next week and believes receiving this list is a high priority for the Michigan Trump victory team and the state GOP.

“There’s no effort that we have seen of a priority being made to have Republicans and Democrats at every polling location,” Sheridan said.

Sheridan told us that she and other poll workers have not been trained in a prompt manner. Certain poll worker applicants have been turned away from trainings, as we previously mentioned, while Sheridan says that when she finally received her poll worker training date from the city of Detroit, she noticed it was scheduled several days after Nov. 3, making the training entirely moot. 


After serious irregularities were found during the recount of 2016, the city of Detroit largely blamed the poll workers for the problem. However, audio sent to the Sentry shows that these problems are not occurring because of happenstance, but rather, by design. Instructors can be heard giving tips to poll workers on how to lie to voters, destroy certain ballots, thwart Republicans, and make challengers obsolete – with children overseeing the software tasked with maintaining the integrity of vote.

One trainer of poll workers in Detroit called for employees to lie to any and all voters who show up and claim they have not already voted. She tells poll workers to deceive voters and take their ballots knowing that their votes will not be counted. If they protest, poll workers are encouraged to call 9-1-1 or otherwise threaten police action against voters. The instructor makes the assumption that any individual who reports that they had not previously voted is not telling the truth and should automatically be disenfranchised. (audio available here)

Additionally, the trainer told Detroit poll workers to put all challenged ballots into the vote tabulating machine. Any ballot that goes into the tabulator will be counted on election and immediately calculated on election day. In years prior, these ballots were set aside into a security envelope for further analysis, but that process has apparently been changed for this election. (audio available here)

It will be difficult for poll challengers to keep a lid on the corruption because they will be unable to see any of the ballots. The trainer cackled as she told poll workers how to exploit COVID-19 mandates to prevent accountability. Poll challengers are going to be required to stand at least six feet back from poll workers who are reviewing ballots, which the instructor admits gleefully will prevent challengers from being able to do their jobs. (audio available here)

The most important task of all the poll workers will be handled by the electronic pollbook inspector (EPI). This is effectively the last line of defense making sure that the voter rolls match what is received in a particular precinct. They will be tasked with maintaining the software that will protect the integrity of the votes and ultimately calculate the results. So naturally, the city of Detroit will have the EPI posts largely manned by 16-year-old children with no experience in working elections. (audio available here)

Other potential abuses discovered in this audio include the trainer plotting to prevent challenges for absentee ballots coming from Republicans, inferring some sort of conspiracy theory of operatives being “hired” to conduct frivolous challenges. (audio available here) In another training session whose audio has also been obtained by the Sentry, the woman in charge of this training appeared to give practical tips to prospective poll workers on how to avoid mishaps. However, she also exposed several major vulnerabilities in the process and demonstrating an attitude of contempt toward poll challengers and observers. 

She detailed a scheme in which every ballot in an entire precinct could be easily spoiled. The instructor explained how a chairman could “accidentally” break the seals while handling ballots, and the entire precinct could be thrown out due to a simple error. With many overwhelmingly Republican precincts tucked away throughout rural areas in the state, it would not be difficult for a handful of devious individuals to spoil countless Republican ballots and flip the state blue due to the process leaving the door open for widespread fraud. (audio available here)

The trainer also gave a diatribe showing how poll workers and city employees view poll challengers and observers as the enemy. The trainer made comments indicating that she has disdain for individuals who understand the process and show up on election day to hold workers accountable. It is peculiar why the trainer would not want observers and inspectors to understand exactly what poll workers are supposed to do. (audio available here)

One audio clip featured the trainer explaining how voters will be allowed to vote without any identification, and how they will only be required to sign an affidavit ensuring that they are in fact the voter they say they are. After signing the affidavit, these individuals will be given a ballot. It is unclear how this will be ultimately verified and sorted out considering that every level of the process will be completely overwhelmed on election day and beyond. (audio available here)

The trainer also made some candid remarks about how there will be no assistance available from troubleshooters who are meant to oversee the process and adjudicate concerns in the state’s many precincts. She described how during a recent election, one individual was forced to do all the work of five separate poll workers. The employee called for help 15 separate times but never received an answer from the state. (audio available here)

The trainer also confirmed what was said about the EPIs by a previous trainer. She mentioned how EPIs will be primarily high schoolers, and how they will likely hand over their computers to random poll workers, a potentially major data security issue, because the process is expected to go into all hours of the night. She also said there will be massive gridlocked lines inside of Detroit sports stadiums as the receiving boards will be overwhelmed all throughout election night. (audio available here)

Some trainers are extremely vocal in public about their political bias. The social media profile of Detroit elections training coordinator Yvonne Brookins shows that she is a vehement liberal who is pushing for the defeat of President Donald Trump in November.

As a result of these findings, two individuals are emerging to submit complaints to the FBI. Because these persons were able to be trained as a poll worker and were among the few conservatives who made it through the process, they have chosen not to divulge their information publicly for fear of reprisal. After all, the governor’s administration is staffed with left-wing activists who have repeatedly shown that they are willing to abuse their power to punish their political adversaries.


Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson will be the most important person overseeing elections. Benson once sat on the board of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a explicitly anti-Trump organization that has an extensive record of defamation and has served as a lucrative tax scam for its wealthy progressive founders. Benson was bankrolled by George Soros for years, through his Democracy Alliance, before she was able to obtain her position of power.

The SPLC attempted to scrub Benson’s involvement with the organization from their official website shortly after her election, showing how the far-left is desperate to obfuscate their elite network from the general public. The two Democrat women in superior positions of power to Benson in state have shown a major penchant for abusing their authority to punish their political opponents.

Attorney General Dana Nessel announced an investigation into the Unlock Michigan ballot initiative designed to limit her office’s power. Nessel has exploited audio released by Democrat operatives of a supposed petition circulator, who is a progressive from California, in an attempt to undermine democracy and torpedo the entire initiative. Her boss, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, actually vetoed a bill that would protect elderly folks in nursing homes from being housed with COVID-19 patients because it would have given Republicans a victory.


Right-wing commentators, such as Darren Beattie of Revolver News or Michael Anton of the Claremont Institute, have posited that the Democrat Party, Big Tech entities, prominent media operatives, China-owned corporations, university academics, military-industrial complex figures, and other powerful interests are conspiring to stage a color revolution, similar to what has been done in many Eastern European nations, in the United States to make sure that President Donald Trump cannot be seated for a second term in the White House, regardless of the will of the people.

These revelations indicating widespread voter fraud in the city of Detroit will only lend additional credence to this notion. Democracy may be on the line in this upcoming election, but not in the way that these aforementioned interests make it seem. If the abnormalities outlined in this article and others cannot be satisfactorily remedied before next month’s election, there will be very little faith in the election results, and the ramifications could mean an abrupt destruction to civil society.

Fighting Back Amidst a Nation of Cowards

I have never been ashamed to be an American, until right now.

When my family moved to the U.S. from Iraq as refugees, it was truly a godsend. We saw a nation of people who would not submit to authority. A nation of men and women who knew their rights, cared about their freedom, and would not submit to unlawful government. We grew. We thrived. We built communities. We embodied the American Dream.

But sadly, the country my family fell in love with is no more. We have the mass media, both major political parties, the academic establishment, Big Pharma-bought scientists, and our own collective cowardice to thank for this situation.

Americans have refused to hold their government officials accountable throughout the COVID-19 scamdemic. It began with two weeks to stop the spread and flattening the curve, which sounded reasonable at the time. It grew into mask and vaccination mandates and the forced shuttering of society. The Big Brother overreach that has been implemented as a result of the pandemic is staggering.

This is not fueled by the data or the science. This is fueled by government bureaucrats exploiting an opportunity to gain unlimited power. Anyone who talks about the data or science to justify their craven submission is a liar. They hide behind the false idols of science and data because they are too weak to think for themselves. They are paralyzed by fear and will submit to anyone who claims they can make them safe. It is as simple as that.

The hypocrisy we have seen from the media and our supposed experts is staggering. The CDC, FDA, WHO, NIAID, NIH – all of these alphabet soup agencies working for government – have failed us. Dr. Anthony Fauci has contradicted himself frequently while whipping Americans into a frenzy with fear propaganda. The WHO regurgitated Chinese lies about the coronavirus without ever verifying. The CDC sent COVID-19 tests tainted with the virus to various states. The NIH sent money to a Wuhan lab to study coronavirus in bats months before the pandemic hit.

Why is nobody talking about this? Why is nobody shouting about this conspiracy from the rooftops? How is there not a tidal wave of blood in the streets for the sons of bitches who are responsible for this cruel hoax?

Because the American people have surrendered, that’s why. The war against our liberty has been won by the bad guys without a shot ever being fired. The American people are broken, battered, defeated, stupefied, confused, and conditioned. They have kneeled at a time when it mattered most to stand.

Even though I am disgusted by what I see across my country, I am not giving up. It took a small minority to stand in the age of the Founding Fathers for what was good and just. The cowards of their day scoffed at them, but eventually came on board, after the revolutionaries refused to quit on the sacred battle. Enough individuals would inevitably heed the call to make victory a reality. This is what must happen in our country.

If we are not the revolutionaries who succeed, it will be the ANTIFA-style revolutionaries who are raping and pillaging our streets that will succeed. It is either we stand and defend the freedoms we have right now, or we succumb to modern Bolshevism. It may be uncomfortable to stand up and speak out at this moment, but it will be far less comfortable when the savages come to burn your house down and violate your children – which is a certainty if we lose.

What can you do in the mean time? Grow. Cultivate a vegetable garden. Exercise your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. We will be reforming in new organizations across the state, an underground movement for true freedom, that will be operating regardless of the governor’s mandates. We will challenge all of the intolerable acts from the governor. We will do what the cowardly Republicans refuse to do and push back against tyranny from the grassroots.

Please email me if you would like to get involved with this project. I can be reached at brikho1128@yahoo.com.

No Cure for Crazy? – Whitmer Declares Racial Prejudice a Public Health Crisis


Have you ever met someone so desperate to be liked by all the wrong people that they abandon any semblance of their former self and just become a vessel for sloganeers and the hottest topics of the day? Yeah, imagine having a social media personality as a governor. Because that’s what we’ve got here in Michigan.

On Wednesday, Wretched Gretchen decided to score brownie points with the wokelings by declaring racism – presumably in even it’s most microscopic form – as a dire and imminent threat to the public at large after a number of other state governors did the same. The reason? Because the data shows that those of African decent are at an increased risk of dying from the coronavirus than those of European decent while conveniently omitting Michiganders from all other conceivable origins. And while those figures seem to be accurate – though the threshold being used to consider a death a “corona death” is questionable at best – I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that multiple BLM demonstrations were held in the state just a little over one incubation period ago.

Will Gretchen sorrowfully apologize for not only making concessions for a group of state-sanctioned activists gathering during a supposed quarantine, but attending the events that assuredly lead to an increased number of cases herself? I wouldn’t bet on it. Not even with someone else’s money.

It’s odd; shootings have been up across the board in Detroit since the onset of these “protests”. Poverty has become more of a plague than anything causing flu-like symptoms with such absurd lockdown rules in place. Might that have something to do with the lack of access to health care, medicine, healthy food, or just a positive, healthy state of mind for the people of this state? Might that have nearly everything to do with it? Racism didn’t even cross Whitmer’s mind until a cop in Minnesota did something. What did the people in Michigan have to do with that exactly?

I know this isn’t what Gretch wants to hear, but the only one sowing division in this state right now is her. More than that, bad-blood and hurt feelings between groups are not something that can be legislated away. I fact, such measures only seem to worsen the situation. Nothing tears people apart like forcing them together (ask anyone with family issues during holidays). But picking at the scab of racial disharmony is a political pastime. People are likely to get behind you if you can rile them up and convince them that your lot in life has, in no, way been affected by your own life decisions.

Make no mistake, racism is not a critical and incipient health emergency. But the politicians saying it is are. The cure? A ballot.

Grassroots Activists Feud Over How to Push Back Against Gretchen Whitmer’s Overreach


Patriotic grassroots activists throughout Michigan are divided over the best way to push back against Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has issued shutdowns and other edicts without appropriate consent from the legislature.

A compliant filed by Nevin Cooper-Keel, who is running for state representative as a Republican in Michigan’s 80th district, is alleging that the “Impeach Gretchen Whitmer” campaign is a scam. He suggests that the campaign is a trojan horse to provide cover to establishment politicians, including his primary opponent, Mary Whiteford.

“I strongly suggest that money is flowing from Mary Whiteford to Brandon Hall,” Cooper-Keel wrote in the complaint filed last week. Hall, a libertarian pro-Trump political operative who runs the blog West Michigan Politics, has been pushing Whitmer’s impeachment relentlessly across social media.

“I believe the [Impeach Gretchen Whitmer page] was created to be a front to act as a Political Action Committee to help Mary Whiteford get elected,” Cooper-Keel continued.

Cooper-Keel believes the Whitmer impeachment campaign is at the very least dishonest and quite possibly unlawful.

“I believe Mary is benefiting by being falsely paraded in the very conservative crowd attracted to that page, yet on her personal page and campaign page she’s an entirely different person, barely if at all mentioning impeaching the governor and pandering to other political demographics,” Cooper-Keel wrote.

Cooper-Keel notes that Whiteford had no language on her Facebook accounts indicating her desire to see Whitmer impeached at the time he filed the complaint.

“It is not fair to the public or my campaign that there are unregistered PACs helping my opponent deceive the public to play both sides of the political spectrum, and that is why it is illegal,” he concluded.

Hall is vehemently denying the allegations being levied by Cooper-Keel.

“The complaint is just deranged ramblings from a failed candidate who is not doing any campaigning whatsoever,” Hall told the Michigan Sentry, adding that he believes there is tremendous unity among the grassroots in opposition to Whitmer.

“And I think when someone like him files such a frivolous complaint that is absolutely untrue, and literally has no evidence whatsoever, which he admits, he should be forced to pay the tab for all the time he is wasting for state government to process his garbage,” Hall continued, adding that he may consider legal action against Cooper-Keel over the complaint.
The Impeach Whitmer campaign is not the only anti-Whitmer campaign in the grassroots that is embroiled in controversy. The Restore Freedom Initiative (RFI) spearheaded by legal analyst Katherine Henry is also contentious among activists. The Michigan Sentry has covered the initiative and its attempt to push back against the mandatory vaccine push related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the RFI may have laudable goals, supporters missed the deadline to collect signatures by a wide margin. The group needed to collect 550,000 valid signatures by July 5 in order to get it on the ballot during November’s general election. They claimed to have collected 200,000, far short of their intended goal.

The RFI now claims “we are certain we will get the remaining 350,000 signatures we need by November 13th.” They maintain that they will be able to put the question on the ballot in 2022 if they get this many signatures; however, it still says on the petitions that “the proposal is to be voted on in the November 3, 2020 General Election.”

This means that the claimed 200,000 signatures cannot be applied to a subsequent election, unless some court were to take the unprecedented step of allowing it, which does not seem particularly likely. Additionally, the RFI’s language was not pre-approved by the Board of State Canvassers, a panel of four that approves ballot proposal language, which adds another pitfall keeping the initiative from success.

There is also a campaign to recall Whitmer, but this would require a group collect an astronomical 1,062,647 valid signatures in a 60-day period. With 6.6 million registered voters, the group would need signatures from almost 1 in 6 voters across the entire state. Considering that about 1 in 6 rarely vote and at least 40 percent are reliable Democrat voters, the group would need to collect signatures from a third or more of every single Michigan voter that wants to see Whitmer gone. An update on the GoFundMe page shows how the recall campaign is already rife with scandal.

“Unfortunately the committee to recall governor gretchen whitmer has come under attack by former campaign manager David Blair after her was terminated July 22 at 12:30 am. The sponsor is going to withdrawl the current language unless we’re able to develop a volunteer database at facebook.com/realwhitmerrecall and get 2000 volunteers by July 28 @ 11:59 PM. The current petitions will be garbage over the $7000 website stolen by David Blair asking with the Facebook page immediately after Blair’s termination,” Recall Whitmer organizer Chad Baase wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Our research has shown that the Unlock Michigan campaign provides the most viable plan for reigning in Whitmer and stopping the multitude of constitutional abuses from her continuous emergency powers.

Unlock Michigan offers a citizen-enacted law to repeal the Emergency Powers of Governor Act, which is the legal authority Gretchen Whitmer’s executive orders rely on.

A citizen-enacted law requires 340,000 valid signatures, and organizers have 180 days to collect them. This is vastly easier than 550,000 signatures in 37 days or 1 million signatures in 60.

Most critically, a citizen-enacted law does does not need to be approved by a majority of voters once the signatures are collected.

Unlike a constitutional amendment, which must be approved by voters on the ballot, or a recall, which would trigger a new election for governor, if Unlock Michigan collects 340,000 valid signatures in six months, the state legislature can pass it into law by a simple majority vote of both chambers–and it would not be subject to the governor’s veto.

The governor’s veto pen is the only thing preventing the legislature from stripping her of her dictatorial power on its own, and the Republican-controlled legislature can hardly contain its desire to take its constitutional authority back.

The petition language is already approved by the Board of State Canvassers, which means if 340,000 valid signatures are amassed in six months, Whitmer can be immediately reigned in. The Michigan United for Liberty’s statewide grassroots portal, also profiled by the Michigan Sentry, provides a way to fight overreaching government power beyond Whitmer.

Whitmer Administration Refuses to Address Reported Discrepencies in COVID-19 Case Numbers


Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been fanning the flames of COVID-19 hysteria in recent days, instituting a mask mandate without approval of the legislature, and threatening Michigan residents with further sanctions if they do not obey.

“If Michiganders don’t mask up when we’re going out in public, cases could rise, and we could be forced to close down more of our businesses, including auto manufacturing plants that employ thousands of Michigan workers, jobs that our whole economy depends on,” Whitmer said on Wednesday.

However, observers are questioning Whitmer’s data. While mainstream reporters do little if anything to hold her accountable, independent media outlets are attempting to find the answers and are being stonewalled by the administration. Multiple requests from the Michigan Sentry have been ignored, and other non-obsequious media sources are receiving similar treatment.

“The daily number of cases and deaths as reported by the MDHHS do not match their data on the statewide website,” Great Lakes News wrote from their Facebook page.

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer reported MDHHS figures today showing 891 new cases of coronavirus and four deaths. Yet, the state website said 42 cases and one death. Somehow, the case to date totals remain the same,” they added. “Great Lakes News made various attempts to contact the state for clarification regarding the ongoing discrepancies of COVID-19 related data, and we are waiting to hear back.”

Great Lakes News notes that the reported deaths from COVID-19 in Michigan are remarkably low, but Whitmer no longer focuses on that number to keep the fear going among the masses so she can keep her emergency dictatorial powers.

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is counting coronavirus cases as a benchmark for reopening the state and starting schools, but the number of deaths is the most noteworthy. In the last three days, only 6 deaths have occurred related to Covid-19 with Tuesday marking zero deaths. Great Lakes News is still trying to determine why there’s a discrepancy in the number of cases and deaths Whitmer spelled out to the media yesterday and what’s on the state website,” they wrote in Facebook post.

Whitmer has been criticized for housing COVID-19 patients in nursing homes among elderly folks most likely to die of the virus. She continues to reject all transparency regarding COVID-19 policy in the state as civil liberties are systemically destroyed.

Behind the Mask


If you live in Michigan, than you, like I, probably jumped out of your seat when Governor Whitmer put out her latest order. If not from be startled, than probably just from sheer anger and a general sense of being at your wit’s end. Yes, masks are actually mandatory now.

Exactly one standard incubation period after Witmer turned a blind eye to destructive demonstrations and maskless breaches to her social-distancing decrees (joining them, on occasion), Michigan is now experiencing, to her supposed shock, a sudden bounce in Coronavirus cases. How odd. Surely, there must be a reason?

But fear not, citizens; for like the competent and steadfast leader that she is, Gretchen Witmer is here – not to round up and punish rioters, but to threaten to jail and fine just about anyone who isn’t one at whatever restaurants and retailers remain standing under her watch. Six months ago, you would probably have the police called on you for wearing a mask in a bank, now God help you if you don’t (at least we still have our cops, right?).

Many businesses – many of whom I wasn’t sure had made it through the initial lockdown or now – were just beginning to warm back up and come back to life until Gretchen decided she wasn’t done playing as Lysa Arryn yet; throwing people through her Moon Door and against the rocks if they fail to comply with the ever-shifting and poorly communicated settled science. Shortened hours and increased prices were and are a pain, but I was willing to deal with them if it meant getting things going again. But if people aren’t cowering in their homes and watching an entire year pass them by from their windows, then I guess she just doesn’t feel like she’s doing her job.

I’m about as much of a health expert as Whitmer is, but I do know this: Masks are only particularly effective in preventing the wearer from spreading the saliva droplets containing coronavirus. These masks are not gas masks, nor do they prevent people from instinctively rubbing their eyes which is one of them most common methods of contracting the virus.

I won’t tell you not to wear one, but people tend not to take kindly to being made to wear something they don’t want to especially during the hot summer months. If Whitmer really wanted to save those who are vulnerable and prevent the spread, it may have been prudent to invest in education and public safety announcements regarding general hygiene like the much less impacted Sweden had. Do you know how many people actually wash their hands regularly? You may not want to know.

In closing, you aren’t doing anyone any favors by criminalizing the act of not taking half-measures against a disease that seems to manage to infect people while they are literally quarantined in their houses. Last time I checked, poverty and malnutrition as a result of joblessness caused by unsound judgement, as well as spreading as much fear as viral bodies, is a pretty poor way to ensure the health and well-being of your constituents. But I guess nobody in Lansing is bothering to point this out.

VIDEO: Lincoln Park Cops Let Plainclothes Detroit Officer Walk Free While Ticketing Gym Patrons


A shocking video has been received by the Michigan Sentry showing law enforcement shutting down a gym in Lincoln Park while an alleged plainclothes officer from Detroit was allowed to leave the facility as the ordinary gym attendees were punished, ticketed and fined.

The video can be seen here:

At the beginning of the video, a lady can be heard remarking about the hypocrisy and the insanity of strip clubs and full-service bars being allowed to open while gyms are forcibly shuttered. This is when the person holding the camera tries to leave but is stopped. This is when the plainclothes officer can be seen leaving the facility.

Several individuals have reportedly confirmed that the individual seen leaving the gym is a plainclothes officer with the Detroit Police Department named Lamar Harris, but have done so off the record due to fears of possible retribution.

According to a report from the Detroit News, he graduated and became an officer in 2019. They also presented photos of celebrated cookies made by Harris’ friends and family, shaped as guns and barbells, featuring his presumed badge number, 881. Details from Harris’ Instagram account can be seen here:

Another man can be heard in the video telling police officers that their priorities are “messed up” for focusing on gyms while violent mobs attack cities. A cop responded by saying he is just following orders.

Law enforcement can be seen ushering people out of the gym, enforcing Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown edicts. They also can be seen handing out tickets to people who were trying to work out. This is not doing any public relations favors for them as left-wing activists call to defund the police nationwide.

Last week, the forced shuttering of the Lincoln Park gym made statewide news:

Police shut down a gym in Lincoln Park and cited its owners and members for violating Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order.

On Wednesday afternoon, several officers walked inside RTB Gym and told the owner and members they would be receiving citations.

Owner Tino Ulicne said he knew he was defying the governor’s orders when he re-opened in late June.

“I don’t understand,” Ulicne said. “Like, if we take all the right precautions, why can’t we open?”

Gyms in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are allowed to open under Phase 5 of the MI Safe Start Plan, but the rest of the state remains in Phase 4.

Michigan, along with several other states, has seen a recent spike in new COVID-19 cases.

Ulicne said defiance was a financial necessity, as this is his only means of income.

“It’s a do or die situation,” he said.

Lincoln Park police said they learned the gym was back open on Monday when someone spoke up during a city council meeting.

Ulicne said he thought he may get a slap on the wrist or maybe a ticket, but didn’t expect this.

Police issued 21 violations to gym staff and members like Scott Taylor.

“I happened to finish my workout and they got me on the way out,” Taylor said.

He, like Ulicne, is planning to fight this in court.

Attorney Nick Somberg, representing several of those ticketed pro bono, says none of the members should have received tickets for simply being inside the gym. He says they plan to fight the violations in the court.

“The Governor’s executive order 2020-21 order specifically exempts and encourages people to leave their home to engage in recreational activity. People go to the gym to get healthy. If this was a strip club then there would’ve been no issue,” he told Action News.

Law enforcement seemingly giving a pass to one of their own while cracking down on the ordinary folks will only add to the animus that is building against police. Perhaps they should consider standing down and not enforcing Gov. Whitmer’s unconstitutional, anti-American edicts next time.

Michigan Liberty Group That Organized Capitol Rally Launches Statewide Grassroots Operation


Michigan United for Liberty (MUFL), a group that drew controversy for organizing a rally in which attendees took arms into the state Capitol earlier this year, is following up their impressive organizational success with a statewide grassroots operation.

MUFL is offering “the complete list of every registered voter in your neighborhood, and the tools to put it to use” for activists who sign up at their web portal of MUFL Action. They have also created a phone banking tool, software to manage and organize precinct data, a tool to record voter interactions, a calendar feature so meetings can be coordinated, and much more.

MUFL board member Adam de Angeli made the announcement in a Facebook post in which he urged activists to build groups within their communities that can agitate for positive change. He also promoted the Unlock Michigan ballot campaign, which would allow the legislature to repeal the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945.

“With the citizen initiated law, the way the process works is that, if we collect a sufficient number of signatures, it can go to the legislature,” de Angeli explained.

“And if they approve it, if they through both chambers by simple majority vote to adopt this, it becomes law of the land. It is not subject to the governor’s veto, and, of course, that is the major roadblock,” he added.

De Angeli urges well-meaning activists not to participate in similar ballot measures because he believes they are dead ends that will waste their time, whereas Unlock Michigan has a real shot at making a difference.

However, he argues that the core of the activist’s operation should be building power at the local level. That is what the new MUFL Action portal is all about.

“It all comes down to precinct leadership… That is what works, not yammering on Facebook where you’re either talking to friends and preaching to the choir or arguing with enemies who will never see things your way. It is by methodically identifying where people are in your neighborhood. That is the strategy for retaking Michigan,” de Angeli said.

Although MUFL’s Liberty Fest scheduled for Saturday in Holly has been postponed, the organization is rapidly expanding and building the foundation for a freer and better state.

Michigan Senators Use COVID-19 Pandemic to Attempt New Push for Vaccine Mandates


Michigan Senators are not letting the COVID-19 crisis go to waste, as three bills have been introduced that would bolster vaccination mandates under the guise of public safety.

Senate Bill 979 (SB979) was introduced by Sen. Curtis Hertel (D-23) on June 23 with a bipartisan list of co-sponsors. The legislation would force parents to submit their child’s certificate of immunization to school authorities when entering the 12th grade. The legislation would also create new rules coercing parents into abiding by “the immunization schedule recommended by the Advisory Council on Immunization Practices of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Senate Bill 980 (SB980) was introduced on the same day by the same lawmaker with a similar bipartisan roster of co-sponsors. It is a complimentary bill to SB979 that would give more power to the state department of health and human services to enforce vaccine mandates. It also codifies into law that grade 12 students would be subject to these new vaccine mandates. Senate Bill 981 (SB981) was introduced with similar language under the exact same circumstances as the previous two bills.

The pro-freedom group, Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC) issued an alert about the bills urging activists throughout Michigan to oppose them vehemently.

“These bills would add ALL OF THE CDC RECOMMENDED VACCINES (HPV, Hep A, influenza, COVID, etc) to vaccines mandated for children in Michigan,” they wrote.

MVC is encouraging activists to contact all the members of the Michigan Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee to oppose SB979, SB980, and SB981.

Their information is available here:

Chairman Curt Vanderwall (R) : 855-347-8035
Majority Vice Chair John Bizon (R) : 855-347-8019
Ruth Johnson (R) : 517-373-1636
Kim Lasata (R) : 866-305-2121
Michael MacDonald (R) : 866-303-0110
Lana Theis (R) : (517) 373-2420
Minority Vice Chair Winnie Brinks (D) : 517-373-1801
Curtis Hertel (D) : 517-373-1734
Sylvia Santana (D) : 517-373-0990
Paul Wojno (D) : 517-373-8360

SB979, SB980, and SB981 have to pass out of the Michigan Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee before they can move to a full vote in the Senate. Stopping them in committee is the best chance we have of shutting down these bills.

Also, it is worth noting that some of the individuals on the committee, including both Vice Chairs Bizon and Brinks as well as Wojno, Hertel, and others, have signed onto bills as sponsors or co-sponsors. They must be hammered particularly hard for their compliance in this totalitarian agenda against freedom of choice.

Call their offices and let all of these lawmakers know that this is a “line in the sand” issue. Civil liberties, particularly for children, must not be infringed in the name of public safety, and COVID-19 panic cannot be used as an excuse to violate the state and federal constitution.

‘Restore Freedom Initiative’ Aims to Amend Michigan Constitution to Stop COVID-19 Vaccine Push


A ballot initiative calling itself the “Restore Freedom Initiative” aims to allow voters to amend the Michigan state constitution to add various anti-corruption provisions which would stop forced inoculations and other potential abuses.

“Can you imagine a Michigan where our Government is transparent, held accountable?” wrote organizer Nicole Lawson in a Facebook post about the initiative.

“Can you imagine your medical decisions being YOUR RIGHT no matter what? Worried about a mandatory COVID vaccine? Well now is the time to get on board!” she added.

The official description for the measure reads as follows:

A proposal to amend the Michigan Constitution which, if adopted, would: Clarify the legal standard required in order for the government to deprive a person of life, liberty or property; Clarify the separation of powers, foundations and functions of government, rules of statutory interpretation, and the effect of emergencies on government; Enhance government accessibility, transparency and accountability; Return bill drafting to the legislators; Prohibit requirements upon employees or customers that are likely to impair health or safety; and Modify the requirements to serve as judge or on examining/licensing boards, and the jurisdiction of the various state courts.

The proposed measure would allow voters to add language into the Michigan state constitution that would specifically ban mandatory vaccines and other coercive action meant to force vaccines into children.

“Any law made to promote the public health shall be in accordance with all other state and federal constitutional provisions, as all persons are entitled to the right of their own bodily integrity and to make their own decisions regarding their own health. No public body nor private business shall impose a requirement upon employees or customers that is likely to impair the individual health or safety of those employees or customers,” the initiative’s proposed addition to the Michigan state constitution reads.

This measure has come in response to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-lasting implications it will have on privacy rights and the freedom to choose.

The Michigan Sentry has chronicled the types of abusive Orwellian technology that is being pushed by authorities using the pandemic as an excuse to grab illicit power:

Bridge Magazine has reported that cops in Detroit are monitoring private security cameras in order to enforce lockdown orders. Officials in suburban Bloomfield Township have drones in the skies making sure that people are staying off of playgrounds and golf courses. In Battle Creek, drones have been actually donated by a Chinese firm to increase spying potential.

“They provide a department with the ability to get information much faster and in safer ways, and then also be quicker to respond,” said Romeo Durscher, director of public safety integration for DJI Enterprise.

When Michigan opens back up, the Big Brother invasion will not be going away. Cameras will likely be at grocery stores to make sure that distancing requirements are obeyed. Individuals might need an “immunity passport” in order to participate in society. Employers will be encouraged or forced to track their own employees with invasive cell phone apps.

Firms have also released heat maps gathered from protesters who attended the recent “Operation Gridlock” protest in Lansing. Although this data has supposedly been anonymized, the mere thought that government and private agencies are tracking the movements of dissenters could have a chilling effect on the freedom of speech.

Industry insiders, who stand to make billions off of this societal shift away from privacy rights and basic freedom, are saying that resistance is futile and we must all be assimilated to this “new normal.”

“The question,” said Quinn Munton, president and CEO of tech firm RE Insight, “is, do you cover your head in the sand, or say, ‘OK, we’re going to embrace this new normal?’”

In perhaps the most Orwellian scheme of all, technocratic philantrophist Bill Gates has proposed “digital certificates,” which could be implanted with ink into the skin of individuals so authorities can track how many vaccines that have been injected into their body.

Michigan’s “Restore Freedom Initiative” may be a way to restore the rule of law and keep the onslaught of tyranny at bay. More information about becoming a petitioner for the initiative can be found here.

Michigan DHHS Worker Who Expressed Desire to Burn Down City of Howell Will Keep State Job


A state employee with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will reportedly be keeping her job after expressing a pro-terror sentiment on social media.

The DHHS employee tweeted on May 30 that “the first city to burn in michigan should be Howell, all in favor say I.” It was tweeted from the account @WowDamia, and later deleted, but not before it went viral and caused a fervor across Metro Detroit.

DHHS announced that the female employee, whose name has not been released to the public, would keep her job after a slap on the wrist.

“The employee who made the social media post will be serving a 10-day unpaid suspension,” Lynn Sutfin, spokesperson for MDHHS, said in an email. “They have expressed remorse for their actions and will receive additional training upon return to work.”

Howell Police Chief Scott Mannor does not believe that this punishment suffices for the reckless actions perpetrated by the state employee. He believes that the woman should receive a misdemeanor threat charge or even perhaps a felony charge of making a terrorist threat for encouraging Howell to be burned to the ground.

“She was calling to burn our city…,” Mannor said. “To me that’s a threat. It truly was. Anyone that calls to burn Howell, wanting it to be the first city in Michigan to burn, there should be consequences.”

City and county buildings were forced to close due to her threats earlier this month during a Black Lives Matter rally, which ultimately turned out to be peaceful. This ended up costing the taxpayers of Howell a great deal, and Mannor believes she ought to be held culpable for her actions.

“She got the whole ball rolling,” Mannor said. “Somebody threatens to burn the city, by God there needs to be some discipline.”

Livingston County Prosecutor Bill Vailliencourt has not ruled out levying charges toward the woman who made the threat.

“The matter was returned for further investigation to the Howell Police Department. It has not been completed or submitted to us to review,” Vailliencourt said in an email Wednesday.

“We will review the facts and we determine what laws were broken,” he said.

The fact that Whitmer’s administration has chosen to keep this woman on as an employee speaks volumes about their support for mob violence as it spreads throughout Michigan and the rest of the country.

Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 Crimes are Too Drastic to Ignore



I have done all I can to remain a uniter and not a divider throughout the twin crises that have sent our nation into a tailspin: the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd’s death by cop that has ignited a massive response.

These are polarizing times and we need to come together, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s crimes are too heinous to ignore. What she has done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic goes beyond incompetence and into the realm of severe criminality.

Whitmer forced virtually the state entire economy to shut down, in some of the most repressive policies instituted in response to the pandemic throughout the entire nation. She crippled small businesses while allowing poisonous to be sold over the counters and abortions to be performed. Her capricious edicts made no sense, other than to be done to try and make her case to be Joe Biden’s vice president.

While Whitmer forced small businesses to shutter, she issued an edict for COVID-19 patients to be quarantined at nursing homes. This caused coronavirus deaths to skyrocket, because the elderly who are most likely to die were exposed to people who are highly contagious with the virus.

Whitmer made excuses for the policy, claiming that there were different wards in nursing homes so quarantined patients could be isolated from those who were not sick. Sen. Pete Lucido of Shelby Township pointed out how Whitmer’s line does not correlate with the reality of the situation.

“I believe that this reckless and negligent policy, which was instituted despite the written opposition of the Health Care Association of Michigan, has resulted in the illness and death of many of Michigan’s elderly and infirm residents,” Lucido wrote in a letter addressed to U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

“How many died as a result? They had no idea,” Lucido said. “The state has kept records like crap.”

Whitmer’s lip service was soon proven false as a public case of abuse showed exactly what was really going on at nursing homes across the state. A mentally ill man with felonies videoed himself beating up an elderly war veteran in a nursing home in a disgusting display of racial hatred and violence.

While this video is bad enough, the context makes it far worse. The 20-year-old attacker was actually a COVID-19 patient. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and quarantined at a nursing home among the most vulnerable, per Whitmer’s mandates. He was not kept away from elderly patients, as evidenced by the assault.

According to the official experts, young people are not particularly likely to die after contracting COVID-19. Elderly people, on the other hand, are at a much higher risk to die from the illness. Quarantining the young among the sick, therefore, is incomprehensible. It makes no sense. This is murder. This is sending our loved ones off to the grave.

Whitmer added insult to injury when she appeared alongside Black Lives Matter activists in a massive protest and knelt beside many individuals who were not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing requirements. She did this after months of demonizing, ridiculing and admonishing those who wanted to live their lives and provide food for their families. All of her edicts were tossed to the wayside when it came time for her photo op.

Hundreds of loved ones died because of Whitmer’s hypocrisy. They died cold and alone, with no loved ones allowed beside them. They were robbed of their human dignity because of this tyrant. They could not even be mourned at proper funerals after the fact. The amount of alcoholism, divorce, despair, economic ruin, depression, suicide, and drug use that has occurred because of the quarantine is immeasurable. This is 100 percent on Whitmer, who never missed an opportunity to put her face on camera and spread fear throughout the manufactured crisis.

However, the long nightmare is finally coming to an end. Heroic barber Karl Manke, the 77-year-old Christian who took on the state, defeated her in the court of law. It was a stunning 7-0 rebuke of Whitmer, who was put in her place for her unconstitutional power-tripping. After the loss in court, Whitmer announced the opening of salons and other so-called non-essential businesses. She has capitulated.

“It is incumbent on the courts to ensure decisions are made according to the rule of law, not hysteria,” Justice David F. Viviano stated in the court’s opinion.

“Here, in addition to entering an order whose validity is highly suspect, the Court of Appeals majority took the extraordinary step of directing the trial court to take immediate action despite the fact that an application for leave had already been filed in our Court,” said Viviano.

The hysteria is coming to an end, but WE MUST NOT LET IT RETURN. Power-hungry bureaucrats like Whitmer will engage round two of COVID-19 hysteria if they can get away with it. This is nothing more than a move to control us, restrict our liberties, and get us used to being treated like subjects. We will have to stand and refuse any further shutdowns that are to come.

I will not be fooled once more. I pledge to never let anything like the coronavirus plandemic shutdown ever happen again. We will not end our lives at the behest of any tyrant, no matter what the promulgated circumstances may be. I am 100% with the Founding Fathers on this one.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” – Thomas Jefferson

George Brikho
Proprietor of Edenz Hydro & Garden Superstore