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Fighting Back Amidst a Nation of Cowards

I have never been ashamed to be an American, until right now.

When my family moved to the U.S. from Iraq as refugees, it was truly a godsend. We saw a nation of people who would not submit to authority. A nation of men and women who knew their rights, cared about their freedom, and would not submit to unlawful government. We grew. We thrived. We built communities. We embodied the American Dream.

But sadly, the country my family fell in love with is no more. We have the mass media, both major political parties, the academic establishment, Big Pharma-bought scientists, and our own collective cowardice to thank for this situation.

Americans have refused to hold their government officials accountable throughout the COVID-19 scamdemic. It began with two weeks to stop the spread and flattening the curve, which sounded reasonable at the time. It grew into mask and vaccination mandates and the forced shuttering of society. The Big Brother overreach that has been implemented as a result of the pandemic is staggering.

This is not fueled by the data or the science. This is fueled by government bureaucrats exploiting an opportunity to gain unlimited power. Anyone who talks about the data or science to justify their craven submission is a liar. They hide behind the false idols of science and data because they are too weak to think for themselves. They are paralyzed by fear and will submit to anyone who claims they can make them safe. It is as simple as that.

The hypocrisy we have seen from the media and our supposed experts is staggering. The CDC, FDA, WHO, NIAID, NIH – all of these alphabet soup agencies working for government – have failed us. Dr. Anthony Fauci has contradicted himself frequently while whipping Americans into a frenzy with fear propaganda. The WHO regurgitated Chinese lies about the coronavirus without ever verifying. The CDC sent COVID-19 tests tainted with the virus to various states. The NIH sent money to a Wuhan lab to study coronavirus in bats months before the pandemic hit.

Why is nobody talking about this? Why is nobody shouting about this conspiracy from the rooftops? How is there not a tidal wave of blood in the streets for the sons of bitches who are responsible for this cruel hoax?

Because the American people have surrendered, that’s why. The war against our liberty has been won by the bad guys without a shot ever being fired. The American people are broken, battered, defeated, stupefied, confused, and conditioned. They have kneeled at a time when it mattered most to stand.

Even though I am disgusted by what I see across my country, I am not giving up. It took a small minority to stand in the age of the Founding Fathers for what was good and just. The cowards of their day scoffed at them, but eventually came on board, after the revolutionaries refused to quit on the sacred battle. Enough individuals would inevitably heed the call to make victory a reality. This is what must happen in our country.

If we are not the revolutionaries who succeed, it will be the ANTIFA-style revolutionaries who are raping and pillaging our streets that will succeed. It is either we stand and defend the freedoms we have right now, or we succumb to modern Bolshevism. It may be uncomfortable to stand up and speak out at this moment, but it will be far less comfortable when the savages come to burn your house down and violate your children – which is a certainty if we lose.

What can you do in the mean time? Grow. Cultivate a vegetable garden. Exercise your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. We will be reforming in new organizations across the state, an underground movement for true freedom, that will be operating regardless of the governor’s mandates. We will challenge all of the intolerable acts from the governor. We will do what the cowardly Republicans refuse to do and push back against tyranny from the grassroots.

Please email me if you would like to get involved with this project. I can be reached at brikho1128@yahoo.com.


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