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Lyon Twp Restaurateur Fined and Shut Down for Opening to the Public Against Whitmer Edicts

Restaurant owner Ed Swadish was fined and put out of commission shortly after he reopened Molly Pitcher’s Café in South Lyon on Thursday.

Hometown Life reported on how he was punished after the community rallied around him and showed up en masse to give their support:

Waitstaff was slammed and the smoker was smoking at Molly Pitcher’s Café when Oakland County health workers nearly ruined the Lyon Township restaurant’s grand reopening.

The sanitarians said owner Ed Swadish’s license did not permit outdoor seating and smoker cooking that was taking place.

It was around the lunch hour, and owner Ed Swadish kept serving the patrons already sitting down…

His customers should know Swadish plans to keep the restaurant closed pending what the officials have to say.

Those dining at the New Hudson establishment Thursday afternoon were supportive of his reopening.

“It’s unconstitutional and illegal,” said Jenny Darling, an Ann Arbor resident who has participated in nearly 10 protests because she’s that upset over Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” orders.

She has been taking her vitamins and watching her health. To support Molly Pitcher’s reopening, Darling wore a protest T-shirt when visiting the restaurant. It read: “My inherent rights don’t end where your fear begins.”

“I wanted to come out with some friends and not have to cook for once, enjoy the sunshine,” she said. “I’m really grateful to be here today.

Swadish talked to the Michigan Sentry about what happened to him during Friday morning’s hearing with the health department. He says that he is being forced to pay a $271 fine but his license will not be revoked. He does not intend to fully re-open his restaurant until after the governor withdraws her edicts, but they are still doing carryout orders.

“I have issues that do not necessarily allow me to stand on that. I have the state barber license, the federal FFL license,” Swadish said. He also runs Huron Valley Gun Works, which is in the same building as his restaurant.

“We have a lawsuit with the Lyon Township that I am sure they would love to use something like this against us so we had to make it go away and clear it up,” he added – showing how there are many different factors in play for the state to coerce business owners into compliance with unconstitutional orders.

Swadish does not regret opening up and hopes his stand will galvanize others because he does not believe that Whitmer intends to live up to her word and open things up next week.

“I seriously doubt that Whitmer is going to open the restaurants up May 28,” he said.

Protests have gone on throughout the state, such as the recent “Operation Haircut” where women were ticketed and cited with misdemeanors for cutting hair outdoors, in an attempt to force Whitmer’s hand. If the push back doesn’t continue and intensify, Michigan’s economy may never recover.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


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