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‘Mentally Disturbed, Dangerous, Obsessed’ – Pro-Whitmer Activist Files Terror Complaint, Threatens Legal Action Against Free Press

The Michigan Sentry has been hit with a threat of legal action from Rene Pastotnik for supposedly committing defamation against the left-wing activist who filed a terror complaint against patriotic attorney Nicholas Somberg for cutting Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s lawn at a protest in April.

“Nicholas Somberg posted a live video of himself on 4/23/2020 of himself out in front of Governor Whitmer’s home with his armed friends (guns) who were not social distancing in the video and Nicholas proceeded to “cut her lawn” out in her front landscaping, while joking and laughing,” the complaint filed by Pastotnik reads.

“My initial thought was of complete terror for this act and for the young people/children in the home. So I sent Nicholas a private message via Facebook, expressing my concern and disgust for a lawyer’s (under the Michigan bar) unprofessional, harassing, and horrifying act,” the complaint continues. “If his acts are not harassment, then they are clearly trespassing… something needs to be held accountable for Mr. Somberg.”

Pastotnik or her legal counsel sent two threats to the Michigan Sentry, demanding that two posts we published covering the case be removed.

“I am requesting that both articles in the Sentry that have my name in them be deleted fro. Your website and any tags with my name be removed, as these articles are not truthful, slander and damning to my name. If they are not removed within two days of this email, I will take further action to have them permanently removed. My career has been adversely affected by the false claims in the article,” read the first threat, replete with grammatical errors.

“This is the second attempt at requesting that both articles containing the name Rene Pastotnik and all the tags pertaining to those articles, be permanently deleted by no later than 8-11-2020, due to the information in the articles being inaccurate, misconstrued and defamatory. If the articles are not removed in a timely manner, other legal measures will be actively exhausted and persued,” the second threat read.

In a show of good faith, the editors of the Michigan Sentry have decided to grant Pastotnik her request and comply with the deletion of the two articles in question. However, this does not mean that the happenings related to the case will not continue to be covered by our publication. Her contention that a lawyer should be potentially classified as a terrorist and disbarred because of participating in a lawful, non-violent protest is certainly newsworthy.

Particularly considering the allegations made by Somberg regarding Pastotnik’s response to him:

I am breaking my silence and going public! Rene Pastotnik has threatened my life regarding her grievance. I have informed the Waterford Police Department, The Attorney Grievance Commission, and filed for a PPO. I first considered playing her game and try to meet her demands that she would “voluntarily dismiss” the grievance and so I can focus on important things but she is out of control. I am going public to protect myself!

Her phone number was on the front page of the grievance so I figured I would call her to apologize if my protest offender her and make amends. Well that was a mistake…

She appears to be hallucinating that I have threatened her cat and this has triggered her into the stratosphere of insanity. She tells me I am “am just like her rapist who got away with it” and that she’ll “never let me get away with this”, and other false, delusional, and paranoid statements.

Rene has told me she hates all men and knows she is sexist against men. She has told me she will never stop until I am “6 feet underground just like the last man she went after”. She keeps telling me to “meet her face to face” and she’ll “never stop until she gets me”. She continues to call me a “fucking pussy” and speak very aggressively towards me. She feels like she needs to “protect herself from me”. She sends me messages now telling me I need to guarantee that imaginary people do not come after her “or else”. I have never done anything to this person and never want nothing to do with her. I have asked her verbally to leave me and my family alone.

Rene is clearly mentally disturbed, dangerous, obsessed, and fixated on me.

I need to know as much information as possible about this person. Specifically, I am looking for her direct family members who maybe can intervene and get his woman help. I want her to go away but I will NOT BACK DOWN TO THREATS.

Additionally, Pastotnik has posted a video on her Youtube page about how frightened and anxiety-ridden she has become due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have since been removed from the internet.

Pastotnik’s former art bio at FineArtAmerica describes her as having “a troubled past, starting at age 16, my art reflects my inner battles over time, mainly with abuse by men, toxic relationships and then the blossoming into a confident, happier woman over time. My art starts in the 1980’s to present.”

The Michigan Sentry hopes that Pastotnik can find the help she needs. We wish her the best recovering from the media-fueled mass hysteria that so many Americans have succumbed to.

UPDATE: Somberg has reported that Pastotnik claims she is dropping the terrorism complaint but filing additional criminal charges. He posted the following letter on Facebook.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


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‘Mentally Disturbed, Dangerous, Obsessed’ – Pro-Whitmer Activist Files Terror Complaint, Threatens Legal Action Against Free Press

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