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Michigan Liberty Group That Organized Capitol Rally Launches Statewide Grassroots Operation

Michigan United for Liberty (MUFL), a group that drew controversy for organizing a rally in which attendees took arms into the state Capitol earlier this year, is following up their impressive organizational success with a statewide grassroots operation.

MUFL is offering “the complete list of every registered voter in your neighborhood, and the tools to put it to use” for activists who sign up at their web portal of MUFL Action. They have also created a phone banking tool, software to manage and organize precinct data, a tool to record voter interactions, a calendar feature so meetings can be coordinated, and much more.

MUFL board member Adam de Angeli made the announcement in a Facebook post in which he urged activists to build groups within their communities that can agitate for positive change. He also promoted the Unlock Michigan ballot campaign, which would allow the legislature to repeal the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945.

“With the citizen initiated law, the way the process works is that, if we collect a sufficient number of signatures, it can go to the legislature,” de Angeli explained.

“And if they approve it, if they through both chambers by simple majority vote to adopt this, it becomes law of the land. It is not subject to the governor’s veto, and, of course, that is the major roadblock,” he added.

De Angeli urges well-meaning activists not to participate in similar ballot measures because he believes they are dead ends that will waste their time, whereas Unlock Michigan has a real shot at making a difference.

However, he argues that the core of the activist’s operation should be building power at the local level. That is what the new MUFL Action portal is all about.

“It all comes down to precinct leadership… That is what works, not yammering on Facebook where you’re either talking to friends and preaching to the choir or arguing with enemies who will never see things your way. It is by methodically identifying where people are in your neighborhood. That is the strategy for retaking Michigan,” de Angeli said.

Although MUFL’s Liberty Fest scheduled for Saturday in Holly has been postponed, the organization is rapidly expanding and building the foundation for a freer and better state.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


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