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Senate GOP Unveils ‘Open MI Safely’ Plan to Ban Mass Gatherings Until People Can Be Stuck With Vaccines

Just days after the “Operation Gridlock” protest, Michigan Senate Republicans unveiled their “Open MI Safely” plan that would potentially ban mass gatherings such as concerts, sporting events and festivals until vaccines are synthesized and ready for mass consumption or there is no spread of coronavirus for 30 days.

“The Senate Republican caucus believes it is our responsibility to propose a framework for Michiganders to live life in the presence of COVID-19 while also minimizing risk,” they wrote.

The Senate GOP has a five-phase proposal. Under the final phase of the plan, festivals, concerts and sporting events would only be allowed to open after there is “no active spread for 30 days or a vaccine has been available for 30 days.”

“Until a significant medical breakthrough is achieved that markedly reduces risk for the entire population, such as a vaccine, our citizens will likely live with recurring outbreaks of the virus for months or longer,” they speculated.

According to the experts, there will not be a vaccine for the coronavirus for 12-18 months. This means that concerts, sporting events and festivals could be banned until late 2021. It is a tenuous process that could have a tremendous negative impact for the public health if it is rushed.

“We could have a vaccine in three weeks, but we can’t guarantee its safety or efficacy,” said Gary Kobinger, a virologist at Laval University in Canada.

Skeptics are concerned that a vaccine may ultimately do more damage and exacerbate the crisis, which could keep society shut down into 2022 if the Senate GOP’s plan is enacted.

“Experts are saying that it will be very difficult to develop a safe vaccine against a respiratory illness like COVID-19,” vaccine-skeptical author Jennifer Margulis told Ars Technica. “An effective vaccine against SARS was never successfully implemented.”

The Michigan Senate Republican plan essentially doubles down on the status quo that is growing more reviled as the crisis continues and the economy plunges to the worst conditions since the great depression.

“Resurgence plans would utilize known strategies such as extreme social distancing, temporary closures, wearing masks, and/or other measures. The goal is for the phases represented to become a continuum so that, based on infection rates and healthcare capacity data, we may advance up or down in phases to mitigate risk and spread of the virus,” they wrote.

More protests may be in order before Lansing gets the picture that the public is sick of having their rights violated by members of both major political parties.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


  1. People need to become precinct delegates. We need to flood the political apparatus with people who still understand what “freedom” is. Applications have to be in by May 5th here in Royal Oak.

    • Doesn’t your county have to have them by April 21 ?

      I ask because I am a Precinct Delegate in Wayne County. Although I am now on the ballot for House of Representatives in District 10.

  2. This is not acceptable. Cases and death’s from COVID are not accurate. Numbers are being pumped up, Death certificates are being changed, when there was no testing.

  3. Your going to be voted out office if you don’t allow events! When you do this you will close down all sports for kids both out of school and in school! The GOP will be punster for this! No sports for kids is rotten as hell and if this is true to ban events then you much ban school because there are hundreds in Elementry alone! Be careful what you do!

  4. This is BS. This needs to stop or every year when the flu goes around the Nazi’s are going to shut everything down! This is still unacceptable. More people die from the seasonal flu every year. Nobody paid attention because its natural. The government needs to stop trying to deprive us of our rights.

  5. This can not be true! There is no way this would be proposed by conservatives. It sounds more like something the far left would propose.

  6. I will never let anyone put a vaccine in my body. They are poison! The big pharma can put anything in that vaccine and we the ppl will never know. The virus isnt as bad as they are making it to be. It can be killed w soap and water and heat and you want to make a mandated vaccine? Why now and why mandate it? Theyve never mandated the flu shot before! I will die before I say yes to a vaccine! No one knows what in the long run the virus will cause.

  7. Like I’ve said. The Michigan Republican Party is largely full of gutless, spineless tone deaf career politicians not much better than our current Fuhrer. It’s their lack of leadership which gave rise to Whitmer and her posse. They will continue to lose at the ballot box as long as they pump out garbage like this.

    They are too busy floating around in a non-existent middle trying to court liberals into voting for them, they don’t care their base is in the process of mutiny, if not outright insurrection.
    Look at the US Taxpayers Party (Constitution Party) and the Libertarian Party last election.

    Those votes lost the GOP the governorship — the GOP is neglecting its base. With utter bullcrap like this, I won’t be surprised if they continue to bleed votes to the third parties that actually believe in individual liberties.

    Let’s face it. The Michigan GOP (in general, please don’t think I’m painting everyone with the same broad brush – I know some of you are fantastic) by and large things Michigan conservatives are blind, stupid, and will vote for them regardless of what they do. They think you will automatically see them as the “good guy” and the dems as the “bad guy” REGARDLESS of what they do. “At least it’s not a democrat!”

    What does it matter? The results are EXACTLY the same! Babies are still murdered, our roads are still a mess, they still waste money left and right, and they still haven’t convened to give us our liberty back.

  8. GOP? This is totally unacceptable, and i am ashamed of you for trying to trample our rights! Vaccines are not, and never were the solution! Vaccines are full of toxic chemicals, and they are just as deadly as the diseases they are meant to prevent. Mandating them would be the beginning off the end for us as a free country. Imagine how they could be used to control the population! (Google Bill vaccine program in India)
    I will never consent!

  9. Vaccines will NEVER be safe if the companies making them are not held liable for death and injury caused by them. They have nothing to lose and big bucks to gain.


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