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No Cure for Crazy? – Whitmer Declares Racial Prejudice a Public Health Crisis

Have you ever met someone so desperate to be liked by all the wrong people that they abandon any semblance of their former self and just become a vessel for sloganeers and the hottest topics of the day? Yeah, imagine having a social media personality as a governor. Because that’s what we’ve got here in Michigan.

On Wednesday, Wretched Gretchen decided to score brownie points with the wokelings by declaring racism – presumably in even it’s most microscopic form – as a dire and imminent threat to the public at large after a number of other state governors did the same. The reason? Because the data shows that those of African decent are at an increased risk of dying from the coronavirus than those of European decent while conveniently omitting Michiganders from all other conceivable origins. And while those figures seem to be accurate – though the threshold being used to consider a death a “corona death” is questionable at best – I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that multiple BLM demonstrations were held in the state just a little over one incubation period ago.

Will Gretchen sorrowfully apologize for not only making concessions for a group of state-sanctioned activists gathering during a supposed quarantine, but attending the events that assuredly lead to an increased number of cases herself? I wouldn’t bet on it. Not even with someone else’s money.

It’s odd; shootings have been up across the board in Detroit since the onset of these “protests”. Poverty has become more of a plague than anything causing flu-like symptoms with such absurd lockdown rules in place. Might that have something to do with the lack of access to health care, medicine, healthy food, or just a positive, healthy state of mind for the people of this state? Might that have nearly everything to do with it? Racism didn’t even cross Whitmer’s mind until a cop in Minnesota did something. What did the people in Michigan have to do with that exactly?

I know this isn’t what Gretch wants to hear, but the only one sowing division in this state right now is her. More than that, bad-blood and hurt feelings between groups are not something that can be legislated away. I fact, such measures only seem to worsen the situation. Nothing tears people apart like forcing them together (ask anyone with family issues during holidays). But picking at the scab of racial disharmony is a political pastime. People are likely to get behind you if you can rile them up and convince them that your lot in life has, in no, way been affected by your own life decisions.

Make no mistake, racism is not a critical and incipient health emergency. But the politicians saying it is are. The cure? A ballot.


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