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Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 Crimes are Too Drastic to Ignore


I have done all I can to remain a uniter and not a divider throughout the twin crises that have sent our nation into a tailspin: the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd’s death by cop that has ignited a massive response.

These are polarizing times and we need to come together, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s crimes are too heinous to ignore. What she has done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic goes beyond incompetence and into the realm of severe criminality.

Whitmer forced virtually the state entire economy to shut down, in some of the most repressive policies instituted in response to the pandemic throughout the entire nation. She crippled small businesses while allowing poisonous to be sold over the counters and abortions to be performed. Her capricious edicts made no sense, other than to be done to try and make her case to be Joe Biden’s vice president.

While Whitmer forced small businesses to shutter, she issued an edict for COVID-19 patients to be quarantined at nursing homes. This caused coronavirus deaths to skyrocket, because the elderly who are most likely to die were exposed to people who are highly contagious with the virus.

Whitmer made excuses for the policy, claiming that there were different wards in nursing homes so quarantined patients could be isolated from those who were not sick. Sen. Pete Lucido of Shelby Township pointed out how Whitmer’s line does not correlate with the reality of the situation.

“I believe that this reckless and negligent policy, which was instituted despite the written opposition of the Health Care Association of Michigan, has resulted in the illness and death of many of Michigan’s elderly and infirm residents,” Lucido wrote in a letter addressed to U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

“How many died as a result? They had no idea,” Lucido said. “The state has kept records like crap.”

Whitmer’s lip service was soon proven false as a public case of abuse showed exactly what was really going on at nursing homes across the state. A mentally ill man with felonies videoed himself beating up an elderly war veteran in a nursing home in a disgusting display of racial hatred and violence.

While this video is bad enough, the context makes it far worse. The 20-year-old attacker was actually a COVID-19 patient. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 and quarantined at a nursing home among the most vulnerable, per Whitmer’s mandates. He was not kept away from elderly patients, as evidenced by the assault.

According to the official experts, young people are not particularly likely to die after contracting COVID-19. Elderly people, on the other hand, are at a much higher risk to die from the illness. Quarantining the young among the sick, therefore, is incomprehensible. It makes no sense. This is murder. This is sending our loved ones off to the grave.

Whitmer added insult to injury when she appeared alongside Black Lives Matter activists in a massive protest and knelt beside many individuals who were not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing requirements. She did this after months of demonizing, ridiculing and admonishing those who wanted to live their lives and provide food for their families. All of her edicts were tossed to the wayside when it came time for her photo op.

Hundreds of loved ones died because of Whitmer’s hypocrisy. They died cold and alone, with no loved ones allowed beside them. They were robbed of their human dignity because of this tyrant. They could not even be mourned at proper funerals after the fact. The amount of alcoholism, divorce, despair, economic ruin, depression, suicide, and drug use that has occurred because of the quarantine is immeasurable. This is 100 percent on Whitmer, who never missed an opportunity to put her face on camera and spread fear throughout the manufactured crisis.

However, the long nightmare is finally coming to an end. Heroic barber Karl Manke, the 77-year-old Christian who took on the state, defeated her in the court of law. It was a stunning 7-0 rebuke of Whitmer, who was put in her place for her unconstitutional power-tripping. After the loss in court, Whitmer announced the opening of salons and other so-called non-essential businesses. She has capitulated.

“It is incumbent on the courts to ensure decisions are made according to the rule of law, not hysteria,” Justice David F. Viviano stated in the court’s opinion.

“Here, in addition to entering an order whose validity is highly suspect, the Court of Appeals majority took the extraordinary step of directing the trial court to take immediate action despite the fact that an application for leave had already been filed in our Court,” said Viviano.

The hysteria is coming to an end, but WE MUST NOT LET IT RETURN. Power-hungry bureaucrats like Whitmer will engage round two of COVID-19 hysteria if they can get away with it. This is nothing more than a move to control us, restrict our liberties, and get us used to being treated like subjects. We will have to stand and refuse any further shutdowns that are to come.

I will not be fooled once more. I pledge to never let anything like the coronavirus plandemic shutdown ever happen again. We will not end our lives at the behest of any tyrant, no matter what the promulgated circumstances may be. I am 100% with the Founding Fathers on this one.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” – Thomas Jefferson

George Brikho
Proprietor of Edenz Hydro & Garden Superstore



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