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Anatomy of an Election Steal — How Left-Wing Activists are Manipulating the Vote

The election is less than two weeks away, and the same political establishment who alleged that the Russians jeopardized the vote in 2016 due to a handful of social media posts are ensuring the public that nothing could possibly go wrong with the election this time around.

However, due to either incompetence or malevolence, there have been a significant amount of abnormalities that have been documented in Michigan and across the country pertaining to this election cycle. The Michigan Sentry is shining light on some of these problems so they can hopefully be recognized and rectified in order to protect democracy.


Amidst the frequent assurances that the vote will be legitimate this year, monolithic Big Tech entities have censored any chatter that mail-in voting could result in fraud. Twitter has framed President Trump’s warning of the potential hazards of mail-in voting as a voter suppression attempt. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has ensured that he will manipulate his platform so that all contentions of voter fraud, whether valid or not, are muted.

There will be millions of mail-in ballots being processed for the election, and instances of proven fraud are already being called conspiracy theories by the political establishment. There have been several recent instances in which concerns about mail-in voting have been proven justified, such as the four Democrats charged with electoral fraud in New Jersey and the 100,000 mail-in ballots being rejected in California. There are also the many reported instances of U.S. Postal Workers, whose union has endorsed Joe Biden for President, allegedly disposing of ballots in an illegal manner.

There has already been at least one documented instance of voter fraud that has occurred in Michigan during this electoral cycle. Poll watcher Bob Cushman watched voter fraud take place during this year’s primary election, and he was shocked about the lack of accountability in the aftermath. Cushman stuck around until 5:30 am to ensure the integrity of the absentee ballot process, long after most observers had already left. He is blowing the whistle about what he saw in Detroit last month while observing the absent voter counting board.

Cushman noted that several counting tables “had opened ballots with no poll book.” The poll book, Cushman explained, must be there to verify if “that name is someone that’s a qualified, real voter.” He also “noticed pages being inserted into several poll books.” These violations could have impacted thousands of ballots. With the unprecedented flood of absentee ballots expected during the general election, it will open the door for this sort of fraud on a grand scale.

“This is just my estimate,” Cushman said during an appearance on The Kyle Olson Show, “but I would guess there were 10,000 to 20,000 after 2:00 a.m. — could have been more.”

The Detroit News reported that 72 percent of absentee voting precincts in Detroit did not match the total of ballots that were cast. Additionally, 46 percent of Detroit precincts were incongruent as ballots tallied in precinct poll books did not match the total of ballots counted. With President Trump only carrying the state by a 10,704-vote margin in 2016, these abnormalities could easily flip the state in the election, and, with the race expected to be narrow, alter the fate of the nation inextricably.

Making matters worse, Cushman says that there has been virtually no concern from government officials over his findings, and the Democrat administration in charge of the state is content to look the other way. He believes that these vulnerabilities will only intensify during the general election.

“It’s very hard to change the result of an election after the fact,” Cushman stated.

“But perhaps if we put enough light on this subject, that there will be enough heat to get it done correctly,” he added.


A lawsuit filed by the Michigan Alliance for Retiring Americans, which is an AFL-CIO lobbying group that pushes Democrat Party propaganda, initially won a lawsuit drastically expanding the scope of absentee and mail-in voting. With COVID-19 used as the excuse, a judge ruled that Michigan had to accept any ballots postmarked up to election day that were received by the state up to 14 days after the election.

Under this regime, it would not be particularly difficult for activists to determine which areas have had low turnout where ballots can be harvested after the election. Because of the laws that are currently on the books, a ballot box containing an improper number of ballots cannot be recounted, severely hampering any chance of irregularities being corrected after the fact. (It is worth noting that the Detroit News article on this topic has since been scrubbed from the internet.)

However, the Court of Appeals recently overruled the decision that would have compelled the acceptance of ballots for up to two weeks after the election. Judges Thomas Cameron, Mark Boonstra and Michael Gadola ruled in a 3-0 opinion that the Court of Claims “abused its discretion” with their decision. Considering the judge’s political leanings, it is no surprise why she ruled in such an incomprehensible manner.

The Judge who initially approved the idea of ballots being accepted following the election is Judge Cynthia Stevens, a Democrat appointee who affirmed Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s absolute authority to lock the state down indefinitely back in May.

“Plaintiffs presented affidavit evidence that many voters were in fact deprived of having their absent voter ballot tallied in the August primary,” wrote Stephens, noting more than 6,400 valid ballots were rejected because they had been received after the Aug. 4 primary.

Stevens essentially argued that since thousands of voters could not follow simple ballot instructions, the flood gates must be opened for widespread fraud in order to appease the lowest common denominator. Even though it was a Democrat front group that filed the lawsuit and a Democrat judge who affirmed it in court, the activists leading the Whitmer administration are feigning as if they are merely impartial arbiters of the public good.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said the since-overturned ruling recognized “many of the unique challenges that the pandemic has created for all citizens and will reduce the potential for voter disenfranchisement due to mail delays.”

“No eligible voter should be disenfranchised through no fault of their own for exercising their right to vote by mail,” Benson added.

The judges on the Court of Appeals made remarks expressing their palpable contempt with this Democrat scheme to manipulate the upcoming election.

“To be sure, the pandemic has caused considerable change in our lives, but election officials have taken considerable steps to alleviate the potential effects by making no-reason absent voting easier for the 2020 election,” Cameron stated in the ruling.

Boonstra was even more harsh in a separate opinion, saying that “policy-making under the guise of judicial decision making is simply tyranny by another name.” He added that “inefficiencies” in the separate branches of power in the state “are there by design,” and a “price we willingly pay so that we may live under the banner of freedom in the United States of America.”

The judiciary is meant to “decide actual controversies,” not to “be hijacked to achieve political ends outside of the legislative process,” Boonstra said of the grotesque overreach by the Democrat’s activist judges. Even in a pandemic, he wrote, judges do not gain the authority “to rewrite statutes.”

The Michigan Alliance for Retired Americans may be able to contest the suit all the way up to the Supreme Court. Benson and Nessel have not ruled out an appeal of the ruling as well. A recent precedent upholding ballots being accepted after election day in Pennsylvania does not bode well for the integrity of Michigan’s process.


Despite the frightening level of electoral chicanery that is occurring across the state, there are Republicans in Lansing and at the grassroots level who are fighting back against the likely vote steal.

Rep. Ann Bollin (R-Brighton) is working through the legislature to ensure electoral security. She worked as a county clerk in Livingston County for nearly two decades and has brought her experience to the state legislature. She helped to push a key reform, Senate Bill 757, that was overwhelmingly approved by both legislative chambers and signed into law last week.

The new law allows individual precincts to be set up with absent voter counting boards. Two members of both major parties must be present at all times for the new process to be lawful. Poll challengers can be present as well. These boards can begin preparations a day before the election in order to streamline the process.

Under the new law, the pre-processing of ballots will begin on the Monday before the election from 10am to 8pm. This calls for only opening the outer envelope of the absent voter ballot, pulling it out while maintaining the secrecy of the ballot until election day. This will alleviate the strain from the windfall of absentee ballots that will need to be processed on election day.

Generally speaking, this will require more important and long overdue chain-of-custody recording of the ballots. This will include a count of an early-processed ballot, making sure they are not tabulated on the day before the election. They will have to be securely locked and sealed in order to be compliant with the law.

The absent voter counting board will count those ballots on election day after verifying the seal and then the processing will begin from there. The new law also calls for shift workers in an absent voter counting board. Different shifts will now be allowed so that poll workers are not incredibly exhausted and can remain more alert to supervise a process that could prove to be confusing and challenging.

Despite this reform pushed by Rep. Bollin and other efforts to ensure electoral integrity, it remains an uphill battle due to the many institutional barriers that have been put into place by Democrat operatives.

“We are becoming more and more convinced that outside forces are working to influence. They will do anything to ensure that Donald Trump is removed from the White House,” Rep. Bollin said during a Zoom call with Republican activists.

“Our elections are being hijacked and we need to make sure that we do everything we possibly can… We need a lot of foot soldiers working the polls,” she added.

Rep. Bollin believes that individuals should sign up to be electoral challengers and poll workers in order to stop the steal. Michigan Republican grassroots vice chair Marian Sheridan is leading the effort to guard the vote. She is encouraging people to email her at GuardtheVote@gmail.com if they would like to get involved with the effort. Still, she is concerned that state employees are not complying with the law.

“It seems that they’re not putting any effort into balancing Republicans and Democrats. They really should be looking at applications and having a fair ratio of Republicans to Democrats. We have been putting applications out there for the past six weeks, and most of our applicants are being declined,” Sheridan stated.

Sheridan is concerned that state officials are not comply with MCL 168.674, a statute which states that “the board of election commissioners shall appoint at least 1 election inspector from each major political party and shall appoint an equal number, as nearly as possible, of election inspectors in each election precinct from each major political party.” Detroit city officials seem to be particularly brazen in flouting this requirement.

One whistleblowing poll worker who attempted to be trained earlier this month told their horror story to the Sentry. The whistleblower showed up on their scheduled date, only to receive a major curve ball from Detroit election workers. One instructor reportedly told attendees that 2800 people applied for poll worker jobs at TCF Center, a major absentee ballot processing facility in Detroit, with only roughly half that number being accepted as workers.

Another authority figure then took the microphone to explain the astronomical number of absentee ballots they expect to process and how poll workers need to be dedicated in order to handle such a massive workload. The next person who addressed the approximately 100 potential poll workers explained that there would be no training taking place on this day, and that attendees would need to commit to working for two days for payment of $600 per day that would be “tax free.”

The Detroit election worker explained that since they have too many people signed up to work, they wanted this and two other groups to line up the following week at 9 am to be trained. The trainer said that they would open the doors at 9 am and the first people in line would be chosen to work.

The women seated behind the whistleblower started to whisper at this point about how they were going to get in line at 3 am in order to make $1,200 working at the polls. One of the potential poll workers raised their hand and asked how early they had to be there, and the authority figure addressing the potential poll workers said in response, “You’re going to get here early, like we all did to vote for Obama!”

The instructor told the prospective poll workers that if they made the cut to wait in line next week, they would call them on Saturday. The whistleblower never got “the call,” and was likely disenfranchised as a result. The whistleblower is concerned that there is no way Detroit election workers can choose an even number of Republicans and Democrats after turning what is required under law to be a selective process into a completely random “first come, first serve” process. 

The city of Detroit is required to provide a list of all poll workers to the Wayne County Republican Party chairman. While that information has not been provided in the past, there has been an additional focus on getting receiving it before this election. Sheridan hopes to receive it within the next week and believes receiving this list is a high priority for the Michigan Trump victory team and the state GOP.

“There’s no effort that we have seen of a priority being made to have Republicans and Democrats at every polling location,” Sheridan said.

Sheridan told us that she and other poll workers have not been trained in a prompt manner. Certain poll worker applicants have been turned away from trainings, as we previously mentioned, while Sheridan says that when she finally received her poll worker training date from the city of Detroit, she noticed it was scheduled several days after Nov. 3, making the training entirely moot. 


After serious irregularities were found during the recount of 2016, the city of Detroit largely blamed the poll workers for the problem. However, audio sent to the Sentry shows that these problems are not occurring because of happenstance, but rather, by design. Instructors can be heard giving tips to poll workers on how to lie to voters, destroy certain ballots, thwart Republicans, and make challengers obsolete – with children overseeing the software tasked with maintaining the integrity of vote.

One trainer of poll workers in Detroit called for employees to lie to any and all voters who show up and claim they have not already voted. She tells poll workers to deceive voters and take their ballots knowing that their votes will not be counted. If they protest, poll workers are encouraged to call 9-1-1 or otherwise threaten police action against voters. The instructor makes the assumption that any individual who reports that they had not previously voted is not telling the truth and should automatically be disenfranchised. (audio available here)

Additionally, the trainer told Detroit poll workers to put all challenged ballots into the vote tabulating machine. Any ballot that goes into the tabulator will be counted on election and immediately calculated on election day. In years prior, these ballots were set aside into a security envelope for further analysis, but that process has apparently been changed for this election. (audio available here)

It will be difficult for poll challengers to keep a lid on the corruption because they will be unable to see any of the ballots. The trainer cackled as she told poll workers how to exploit COVID-19 mandates to prevent accountability. Poll challengers are going to be required to stand at least six feet back from poll workers who are reviewing ballots, which the instructor admits gleefully will prevent challengers from being able to do their jobs. (audio available here)

The most important task of all the poll workers will be handled by the electronic pollbook inspector (EPI). This is effectively the last line of defense making sure that the voter rolls match what is received in a particular precinct. They will be tasked with maintaining the software that will protect the integrity of the votes and ultimately calculate the results. So naturally, the city of Detroit will have the EPI posts largely manned by 16-year-old children with no experience in working elections. (audio available here)

Other potential abuses discovered in this audio include the trainer plotting to prevent challenges for absentee ballots coming from Republicans, inferring some sort of conspiracy theory of operatives being “hired” to conduct frivolous challenges. (audio available here) In another training session whose audio has also been obtained by the Sentry, the woman in charge of this training appeared to give practical tips to prospective poll workers on how to avoid mishaps. However, she also exposed several major vulnerabilities in the process and demonstrating an attitude of contempt toward poll challengers and observers. 

She detailed a scheme in which every ballot in an entire precinct could be easily spoiled. The instructor explained how a chairman could “accidentally” break the seals while handling ballots, and the entire precinct could be thrown out due to a simple error. With many overwhelmingly Republican precincts tucked away throughout rural areas in the state, it would not be difficult for a handful of devious individuals to spoil countless Republican ballots and flip the state blue due to the process leaving the door open for widespread fraud. (audio available here)

The trainer also gave a diatribe showing how poll workers and city employees view poll challengers and observers as the enemy. The trainer made comments indicating that she has disdain for individuals who understand the process and show up on election day to hold workers accountable. It is peculiar why the trainer would not want observers and inspectors to understand exactly what poll workers are supposed to do. (audio available here)

One audio clip featured the trainer explaining how voters will be allowed to vote without any identification, and how they will only be required to sign an affidavit ensuring that they are in fact the voter they say they are. After signing the affidavit, these individuals will be given a ballot. It is unclear how this will be ultimately verified and sorted out considering that every level of the process will be completely overwhelmed on election day and beyond. (audio available here)

The trainer also made some candid remarks about how there will be no assistance available from troubleshooters who are meant to oversee the process and adjudicate concerns in the state’s many precincts. She described how during a recent election, one individual was forced to do all the work of five separate poll workers. The employee called for help 15 separate times but never received an answer from the state. (audio available here)

The trainer also confirmed what was said about the EPIs by a previous trainer. She mentioned how EPIs will be primarily high schoolers, and how they will likely hand over their computers to random poll workers, a potentially major data security issue, because the process is expected to go into all hours of the night. She also said there will be massive gridlocked lines inside of Detroit sports stadiums as the receiving boards will be overwhelmed all throughout election night. (audio available here)

Some trainers are extremely vocal in public about their political bias. The social media profile of Detroit elections training coordinator Yvonne Brookins shows that she is a vehement liberal who is pushing for the defeat of President Donald Trump in November.

As a result of these findings, two individuals are emerging to submit complaints to the FBI. Because these persons were able to be trained as a poll worker and were among the few conservatives who made it through the process, they have chosen not to divulge their information publicly for fear of reprisal. After all, the governor’s administration is staffed with left-wing activists who have repeatedly shown that they are willing to abuse their power to punish their political adversaries.


Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson will be the most important person overseeing elections. Benson once sat on the board of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a explicitly anti-Trump organization that has an extensive record of defamation and has served as a lucrative tax scam for its wealthy progressive founders. Benson was bankrolled by George Soros for years, through his Democracy Alliance, before she was able to obtain her position of power.

The SPLC attempted to scrub Benson’s involvement with the organization from their official website shortly after her election, showing how the far-left is desperate to obfuscate their elite network from the general public. The two Democrat women in superior positions of power to Benson in state have shown a major penchant for abusing their authority to punish their political opponents.

Attorney General Dana Nessel announced an investigation into the Unlock Michigan ballot initiative designed to limit her office’s power. Nessel has exploited audio released by Democrat operatives of a supposed petition circulator, who is a progressive from California, in an attempt to undermine democracy and torpedo the entire initiative. Her boss, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, actually vetoed a bill that would protect elderly folks in nursing homes from being housed with COVID-19 patients because it would have given Republicans a victory.


Right-wing commentators, such as Darren Beattie of Revolver News or Michael Anton of the Claremont Institute, have posited that the Democrat Party, Big Tech entities, prominent media operatives, China-owned corporations, university academics, military-industrial complex figures, and other powerful interests are conspiring to stage a color revolution, similar to what has been done in many Eastern European nations, in the United States to make sure that President Donald Trump cannot be seated for a second term in the White House, regardless of the will of the people.

These revelations indicating widespread voter fraud in the city of Detroit will only lend additional credence to this notion. Democracy may be on the line in this upcoming election, but not in the way that these aforementioned interests make it seem. If the abnormalities outlined in this article and others cannot be satisfactorily remedied before next month’s election, there will be very little faith in the election results, and the ramifications could mean an abrupt destruction to civil society.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


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