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‘Restore Freedom Initiative’ Aims to Amend Michigan Constitution to Stop COVID-19 Vaccine Push

A ballot initiative calling itself the “Restore Freedom Initiative” aims to allow voters to amend the Michigan state constitution to add various anti-corruption provisions which would stop forced inoculations and other potential abuses.

“Can you imagine a Michigan where our Government is transparent, held accountable?” wrote organizer Nicole Lawson in a Facebook post about the initiative.

“Can you imagine your medical decisions being YOUR RIGHT no matter what? Worried about a mandatory COVID vaccine? Well now is the time to get on board!” she added.

The official description for the measure reads as follows:

A proposal to amend the Michigan Constitution which, if adopted, would: Clarify the legal standard required in order for the government to deprive a person of life, liberty or property; Clarify the separation of powers, foundations and functions of government, rules of statutory interpretation, and the effect of emergencies on government; Enhance government accessibility, transparency and accountability; Return bill drafting to the legislators; Prohibit requirements upon employees or customers that are likely to impair health or safety; and Modify the requirements to serve as judge or on examining/licensing boards, and the jurisdiction of the various state courts.

The proposed measure would allow voters to add language into the Michigan state constitution that would specifically ban mandatory vaccines and other coercive action meant to force vaccines into children.

“Any law made to promote the public health shall be in accordance with all other state and federal constitutional provisions, as all persons are entitled to the right of their own bodily integrity and to make their own decisions regarding their own health. No public body nor private business shall impose a requirement upon employees or customers that is likely to impair the individual health or safety of those employees or customers,” the initiative’s proposed addition to the Michigan state constitution reads.

This measure has come in response to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-lasting implications it will have on privacy rights and the freedom to choose.

The Michigan Sentry has chronicled the types of abusive Orwellian technology that is being pushed by authorities using the pandemic as an excuse to grab illicit power:

Bridge Magazine has reported that cops in Detroit are monitoring private security cameras in order to enforce lockdown orders. Officials in suburban Bloomfield Township have drones in the skies making sure that people are staying off of playgrounds and golf courses. In Battle Creek, drones have been actually donated by a Chinese firm to increase spying potential.

“They provide a department with the ability to get information much faster and in safer ways, and then also be quicker to respond,” said Romeo Durscher, director of public safety integration for DJI Enterprise.

When Michigan opens back up, the Big Brother invasion will not be going away. Cameras will likely be at grocery stores to make sure that distancing requirements are obeyed. Individuals might need an “immunity passport” in order to participate in society. Employers will be encouraged or forced to track their own employees with invasive cell phone apps.

Firms have also released heat maps gathered from protesters who attended the recent “Operation Gridlock” protest in Lansing. Although this data has supposedly been anonymized, the mere thought that government and private agencies are tracking the movements of dissenters could have a chilling effect on the freedom of speech.

Industry insiders, who stand to make billions off of this societal shift away from privacy rights and basic freedom, are saying that resistance is futile and we must all be assimilated to this “new normal.”

“The question,” said Quinn Munton, president and CEO of tech firm RE Insight, “is, do you cover your head in the sand, or say, ‘OK, we’re going to embrace this new normal?’”

In perhaps the most Orwellian scheme of all, technocratic philantrophist Bill Gates has proposed “digital certificates,” which could be implanted with ink into the skin of individuals so authorities can track how many vaccines that have been injected into their body.

Michigan’s “Restore Freedom Initiative” may be a way to restore the rule of law and keep the onslaught of tyranny at bay. More information about becoming a petitioner for the initiative can be found here.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


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