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Anti-Quarantine and Police Brutality Protesters are Both Justified in Their Causes


I have seen Americans divided yet again, over racial injustice and fighting back against quarantine policies. As someone who stands against racial injustice and the quarantine lockdown, I want to bridge the gap between the two groups because the core of the grievances is fundamentally the same: state oppression.

Anti-quarantine protesters have been called violent, with Hillary Clinton even referring to them as “domestic terrorists,” because certain individuals showed up to protests with guns. Open carrying a gun is not a crime; it is not a violent act. Exercising your rights under the 2nd Amendment is not a crime, although it may send a strong message to politicians. However, politicians need to understand that Americans will not sit idly by as their freedoms are steamrolled with unconstitutional actions.

The riots in Minneapolis, Minn., which have now spread across the country, have unfortunately become very violent. The city of Minneapolis looks like a third-world war zone, but the underlying rage is justifiable. There have been thousands of police abuses like what happened to George Floyd throughout the country, and it hurts people of all colors. These sort of abuses cannot be allowed to happen without any serious reforms coming from police without expecting some sort of response.

You can point to these bad actors at both protests, such as a handful of individuals at anti-quarantine protests who attempted to hijack them with confederate flags and other incendiary images like nooses. These bad actors should not detract from either of the causes which are undoubtedly righteous in nature. There are so many injustices plaguing this nation and they need to be addressed with protest, otherwise our crooked politicians will look the other way and the status quo will only worsen.

The quarantines have destroyed people’s livelihoods, caused a spike in suicides, fomented an unhealthy amount of fear and suspicion among the masses, empowered the police state, and resulted in some of the worst civil liberties abuses in U.S. history. Meanwhile, police brutality has worsened drastically since the 9/11 acts. Police have committed heinous acts, ones that you or I would go to prison for decades over, and walked because of special favoritism from the system. This has disproportionately hurt minorities, who are more likely to be on the receiving end of this cruel process.

Both causes go hand-in-hand with one another. They are both protesting overreach by authorities, during a time in which that is needed more than ever. Both sides should be coming together to find common ground while denouncing senseless destruction. This is the only way we will be able to continue to have a country without descending into full-blown civil war. That is what we are attempting to do at the Michigan Sentry, by producing content that exposes corruption independent of political party affiliation.

Extending the olive branch to those on the other side in these hyper-partisan times, in which we are inundated with divisive propaganda endlessly, cannot be easy, but as a Christian, I believe it is the right thing to do. Everyone regardless of which faith their subscribe to should unite around their common humanity to uphold their basic rights against the forces that would rather have us divided and subjugated. I stand in solidarity with the anti-quarantine protesters as well as those protesting the abuse that happened to George Floyd, and hope that you will do the same.



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