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Michigan Senators Use COVID-19 Pandemic to Attempt New Push for Vaccine Mandates

Michigan Senators are not letting the COVID-19 crisis go to waste, as three bills have been introduced that would bolster vaccination mandates under the guise of public safety.

Senate Bill 979 (SB979) was introduced by Sen. Curtis Hertel (D-23) on June 23 with a bipartisan list of co-sponsors. The legislation would force parents to submit their child’s certificate of immunization to school authorities when entering the 12th grade. The legislation would also create new rules coercing parents into abiding by “the immunization schedule recommended by the Advisory Council on Immunization Practices of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Senate Bill 980 (SB980) was introduced on the same day by the same lawmaker with a similar bipartisan roster of co-sponsors. It is a complimentary bill to SB979 that would give more power to the state department of health and human services to enforce vaccine mandates. It also codifies into law that grade 12 students would be subject to these new vaccine mandates. Senate Bill 981 (SB981) was introduced with similar language under the exact same circumstances as the previous two bills.

The pro-freedom group, Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC) issued an alert about the bills urging activists throughout Michigan to oppose them vehemently.

“These bills would add ALL OF THE CDC RECOMMENDED VACCINES (HPV, Hep A, influenza, COVID, etc) to vaccines mandated for children in Michigan,” they wrote.

MVC is encouraging activists to contact all the members of the Michigan Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee to oppose SB979, SB980, and SB981.

Their information is available here:

Chairman Curt Vanderwall (R) : 855-347-8035
Majority Vice Chair John Bizon (R) : 855-347-8019
Ruth Johnson (R) : 517-373-1636
Kim Lasata (R) : 866-305-2121
Michael MacDonald (R) : 866-303-0110
Lana Theis (R) : (517) 373-2420
Minority Vice Chair Winnie Brinks (D) : 517-373-1801
Curtis Hertel (D) : 517-373-1734
Sylvia Santana (D) : 517-373-0990
Paul Wojno (D) : 517-373-8360

SB979, SB980, and SB981 have to pass out of the Michigan Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee before they can move to a full vote in the Senate. Stopping them in committee is the best chance we have of shutting down these bills.

Also, it is worth noting that some of the individuals on the committee, including both Vice Chairs Bizon and Brinks as well as Wojno, Hertel, and others, have signed onto bills as sponsors or co-sponsors. They must be hammered particularly hard for their compliance in this totalitarian agenda against freedom of choice.

Call their offices and let all of these lawmakers know that this is a “line in the sand” issue. Civil liberties, particularly for children, must not be infringed in the name of public safety, and COVID-19 panic cannot be used as an excuse to violate the state and federal constitution.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


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