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Michigan Liberty Organizers Plan New Anti-Quarantine Rally for Cinco de Mayo

Following last week’s controversial protest at the Michigan State Capitol, the organizers at Michigan United for Liberty (MUFL) have scheduled another for tomorrow on Cinco de Mayo.

MUFL activists are telling people to show up on Tuesday at the Capitol at 9 am to express their displeasure with the shutdown. They are requesting for attendees to RSVP for the rally at this link.

They were the driving force behind last Thursday’s rally that saw patriots go inside the Capitol while exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and expressing their frustration with their lawmakers while they were in session.

Legislators from both parties publicly expressed their fear and dismay over the demonstration after it concluded. Republican lawmakers took to the media to throw the protesters, many of whom are their own constituents, under the bus.

“To anyone reading, can we say that this rally served its purpose as you see photos of nooses and screaming people? To those that shouted angry messages at us from the Senate gallery, do you think you changed any minds?” Sen. Ken Horn wrote in an op/ed published by Bridge Magazine. “I was not inspired by the senseless, ugliness of the few angry-mob types,” he added.

“Several other so-called protestors, used intimidation and the threat of physical harm to stir up fear and feed rancor. I condemn their behavior and denounce their tactics. Their actions hurt their cause and steal from the rights of others by creating an environment where responsible citizens do not feel safe enough to express themselves,” wrote Sen. Mike Shirkey in a Facebook post. “They do not represent the Senate Republicans. At best, those so-called protestors are a bunch of jackasses.”

Shirkey is telling people to abide by Whitmer’s executive orders and obey what she says. Republican state leaders claim they are working on a lawsuit that will reign her in, but in the meantime, submission to her authority is the path to take.

“Though frustrations are high, and they’re growing, let me be clear: I am not recommending that people ignore the governor’s executive orders,” Shirkey said during an appearance on WCHY in Cheboygan. “I am not. I think that would put them in a tenuous situation.”

“We all wish it was more cut and dry, but that’s not the case,” Shirkey added, “and this is now going to the courts.”

MUFL believes this response from Republicans in Lansing is unacceptable, and they will continue to organize protest rallies against members of both parties who refuse to open Michigan up. After tomorrow’s rally, they will follow that up with another rally on Thursday, May 14 at the Capitol in Lansing as well.

Shane Trejo
Shane is a long-time journalist and political activist with years of experience covering public policy.


  1. Other than Trump, there currently is NOT a single so-called “Republican” that I intend on votin’ for.
    The Demokrat-Kommunists and these Benedict Arnold Republikrat cowards are truly on the same team! When push comes to shove, they’ll be more than happy to stab their own constituents in the back if they think it’ll save their own political asses first!


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